Ethics for Naturopathic Physicians – What You Need to Know About Ethical Standards in Practice

Credit Hours: 2 - Cost: 42.00

Naturopathic doctors in Oregon can be disciplined for “conduct or practice contrary to a recognized standard of ethics of the profession”. Do you know what the recognized standard of ethics for the profession is? Are the principles in naturopathic philosophy the same as "universal" ethical principles? How are naturopathic principles different from ethical standards? This 2 credit continuing education course in ethics is designed to lay the groundwork for understanding how naturopathic medicine fits into the greater medical community

Ethics for Naturopathic Physicians – An Ethical Analysis of Naturopathic Negligence

Credit Hours: 2.00 - Cost: 42.00

On the same day her mother noticed her daughter was having trouble breathing, and less than four hours after visiting her naturopathic doctor for an acute asthmatic attack, a 16 year old teenager is dead. According to local press reports published in 2005, 4 years after her death, her family was not aware their daughter might of been suffering a medical emergency. The naturopathic doctor, however, stipulates she repeatedly told her mother during the appointment to take her daughter to the hospital.